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My Insurance Plan

Helping students pay for their health services

Student reviewing form in the Student Health & Wellness Centre waiting room

To help students pay for the health and wellness services they need, Dalhousie offers two different health plans through Student VIP: the DSU Health & Dental Plan and the DSU International Health Plan.

Every Dalhousie student must have health insurance coverage. This includes undergraduate, graduate and international students. Most Dalhousie students are automatically enrolled into one or both health plans.

Opt-in or opt-out of the 2022-23 health plans

If you already have equivalent coverage and want to opt-out, or if you do not have coverage and you want to opt-in, you can do so through the Student VIP websites. The opt-out deadline for the 2021-22 academic year is September 17, 2022. Remember, students must opt out of the plan every year.

Health plan details

Learn more about the specific plan and coverage that applies to you: