Becoming a Nova Scotian resident is exciting! On this page, you will find information that tenants and prospective tenants should know about becoming a renter. Here are some tips, suggestions, and resources to help you feel at home in your off-campus space.  The Studly Campus, Sexton Campus, and Carlton Campus for Dalhousie University are located in Halifax, in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The Dalhousie Agricultural Campus is located in Bible Hill, in Truro which is 45 minutes away from the city. 

Please note that in Halifax, people are always coming and going so it is never a right or wrong time to look for a place. However, limited availability of rentals means that looking early is always the right decision!

Rent prices also may vary depending on location. Those closer to campus tend to be more expensive than those a little further away.

Starting Your Search

The Off Campus Living website is a centralized, resource center for your search for housing and tenancy information.

Get ready to move in

We've listed a few resources to help get you settled in to your new place. See Moving Resources to learn more.