Why study Plant Science at Dal?

Cultivate real-world skills

When you study Plant Science at Dalhousie, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the ideas and methods used in biological, physical and behavioural sciences. You’ll acquire a very sound knowledge of plants, along with practical and life-long learning skills, all while studying at Dalhousie's beautiful Agricultural Campus in Truro, N.S.

Degree overview

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), BSc (Agr)
Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture
Department: Department of Plant, Food and Environmental Science
Campus: Agricultural Campus, Truro
Program Length: 4 years
Program Start: September & January

What will I learn?

Plant Science will give you the knowledge and skills to research and investigate real-world problems associated with food security, quality and wellness. You’ll also dive into contemporary issues related to environmental integrity, biotechnology, plant breeding, sustainable crop production and more.

You will learn both the theory and practices related to the study of plants and their production. Your studies may lead you to expertise in many sub-disciplines such as fruit, vegetable, ornamental or field crops. You may focus on the genetics or physiology of plants or learn how to manage different types of farming systems.

In your first year of study, you’ll take foundation-building science courses in biology, chemistry, calculus and agricultural ecosystems and microeconomics. In your upper years you’ll study more in-depth subjects such as structural botany, entomology, plant pathology and soil fertility and nutrients. Students can tailor their degree to their personal interests by choosing from numerous electives.  

The program also includes production courses which provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills focused on areas of production such as greenhouse and floriculture, forages and cover crops, organic field crop management plus many others. A complete list of these production courses is provided in academic calendar.

Sample courses:

  • Plant Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Structural Botany
  • Crop Adaptation
  • Weed Science
  • Principals of Plant Pathology
  • Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
  • Research Methods in Agriculture

Visit the Academic Calendar to view degree options and course details.

Download the Plant Science Fact Sheet - PDF [145Kb]

Careers and future study

Plant science will prepare you for a variety of careers. You could work in education, post-secondary, government, research, agribusiness, consulting, farming, processing or marketing. Upon graduation you will be on your way to become a Professional Agrologist; you could find yourself in any of the following careers:

  • field or greenhouse manager
  • plant breeding and development
  • soil and water conservationist
  • soil science
  • pest management
  • service and support industries (product suppliers, consulting)


Future studies may include programs at the graduate level such as a Master of Science (Agriculture) or a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. The plant science program also offers an honours stream to students interested in original research and the option of continuing their studies at the graduate level.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate admission requirements vary based on your previous education and your intended program of study at Dalhousie. Learn about our admissions requirements, book a campus tour, or connect with an advisor if you have questions about your eligibility for admission.

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