Before you travel, please be aware of the following:

1.  Approval to Travel:

Please ensure approval to travel is obtained by the appropriate person within your department prior to all University business trips. Each Faculty/Department handles preauthorization of travel differently. Please speak with your Administrator for the procedures that apply to you.

2.  Travel Policies:

Please review the Travel Policy and Procedures that govern the reimbursement of expenses from all funds administered by the University. This policy also applies to business expenses incurred with respect to a guest, or by a guest at the request of the University.

Additional travel related policies you should review are:

3.  Receipts:

Please insure that you have all of your receipts prior to returning from your trip. Expenses for which a receipt is missing or otherwise non-compliant with the policy will be deducted from the travel claim amount. 

  • Credit/debit card receipt or proof of payment
  • Itemized receipt.  
    Note: if the itemized receipt is not attached the expense will not be allowable.  For meal receipts the expense will be reduced to the maximum per diem rate available
  • Itinerary and boarding passes

4.  Travel Card Program:

The University offers a travel card program which is the preferred method of paying for travel and travel related expenses.  This program is administered through the Procurement department.  Please visit Procurement's SharePoint site,, login to is required, for details on the Travel Card Program and Travel Card Application.  Card applications should be forwarded to the Procurement Department,  If you have any questions regarding the University Travel Card, please contact Procurement at or 902-494-6570.

5.  Advance Requests:

Travel expenses should be placed on the University travel card above.  However, if an advance is required for airfare already purchased, please complete a Cheque Requisition form.  You will be required to submit documentation of all expenses relating to this advance to your department within 30 days of completion of the related expense.

When submitting documentation to clear your advance, make sure you include the following:

  • Individual itemized receipts/invoices for all expenses incurred (Credit Card or Debit Card Slips alone are insufficient proof of payment)
  • All boarding passes for flights taken on electronic tickets
  • A completed and signed Travel Expense Claim form for travel taken
  • A cheque payable to Dalhousie University along with a Deposit Advice form for any overpayments.

6.  Forms required to be completed upon your return: